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Trading cash for coins

In-app purchases may seem harmless, but the real cost of gems and power-ups add up By Lars Grorud, Guest Writer Senior Andrew Wintz lounges back on his chair in the Campus Room as he completes a Google Survey on his phone; he receives 35 cents, a pretty good payoff for …

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A double-edged sword

Though texting is a quick mode of communication, it is often used in place of face-to-face interactions, affecting the quality of our conversations and how we form relationships  It’s everywhere. It’s aboard buses and in cafes. You see it when you’re walking down the pavement. You even see it in …

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Classroom tech 2.0

B.O.L.D. program assessed at midyear How dependable is technology really? Target’s recent phishing incident has left people questioning the company itself and the culprit of all the chaos. In the past couple of years schools nationwide began to adopt technology into their daily curriculum. The draw to technology was accessibility, …

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