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The 2016 Madrigal Move

“Our motto is ‘many hands make light work,’” said choir teacher Karen Lutgen, as the student body in the audience grew increasingly restless in anticipation of the coming event. After a few more tips and precautions were given, the dismissal was announced and a mass of students poured out of …

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Kick start of CFE group meetings

Outside, the flecks of wintry white snow drift softly to the ground, coating the trees, tennis courts and clock tower in a thick layer of fluff. Students flock around large orange posters, then, with different destinations in mind, move off towards various areas of the school.  Today was the first …

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The start of finals week

Varying levels of stress and dread fill students, as the first day of finals week begins. Classes are attended, projects turned in and quizzes taken, all as students and teachers prepare for the three days of testing that will occur at the end of the week. Though there is much …

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