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Screens vs. sleep: a bedtime battle

Are electronics the new monster under the bed? Why do they keep you from falling asleep? Brush teeth, climb into bed, turn off the lights…turn on the phone. Sound familiar? How about feeling tired in the morning? For many people, using their electronic devices is a major part of their …

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Varsity boys’ basketball tournament

In the 2013 Maple River Hardwood Classic during the first weekend of December, the whole boys’ basketball program took a trip down to Mankato to play a couple games. The first varsity game, they lost to Mayer Lutheran but then won against Jackson County Central which got them third place …

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Athletics is more than play-time

Desired by the body, but easily malleable, sleep shouldn’t be a variable for dedicated athletes Athletes always want a leg up. They want the best equipment. They push themselves to train at their best. They are willing to push their bodies to the limit and train it perfectly, but an …

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