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Nutrition and athletics

The do’s and don’ts of competition consumption Athletes spend so much of their time focusing on how to get stronger, faster and better. Everyday after school you run, you lift, you shoot and you throw, but do you ever spend time thinking of other ways to improve your athletic performance? …

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School lunch prices

Full stomach, empty wallet: Are school lunches too expensive? It’s lunch hour for sophomore Yaphet May and he picks up a sandwich, an Arizona tea and trail mix. It doesn’t seem like much, but his one lunch ends up costing $5.50. Similarly, junior Jamie Dovolis gets a classic lunch with …

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Question your consumption

Potential health risks result from eating recently popularized “healthy foods” Daily, new foods are made and placed on the shelf. As a calling these foods promise health, experience and adventure. On the back of one bag of Cheetos, Frito-Lay promises “made with all natural oil” and claims “we grow the …

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