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Why you should read the Talon

Your newspaper (print or digital) has more value for you than you might think For many Minnehaha students, the Talon is simply something that comes out every month or so, might have an interesting headline or two, but doesn’t have anything worth reading. For many of our readers, this might …

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Talon editor honored

Senior wins top state award for journalism Minnehaha Academy senior Maddie Binning was named Minnesota’s “Journalist of the Year,” an award given annually in each state by the Journalism Education Association (JEA). To be considered for the honor, high school journalists across the nation collected pieces of their work and …

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Mistakes make headlines

Journalism scandals begin with a simple string of gossip, in some cases leading to disaster November 2014 Rolling Stone published a shocking and sickening article about the gang rape of a student, code named “Jackie,” at the University of Virginia (UVA). The article, “A Rape on Campus,” electrified conversations around …

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Rights and Responsibility

Evan Goldenberg’s and Seth Rogen’s film The Interview. Trey Parker’s and Matt Stone’s musical The Book of Mormon and television series South Park. The late Stéphane Charbonnier’s magazine Charlie Hebdo. All examples of satire and all protected under free speech. Although many countries celebrate free speech, such as the United …

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Publications bring secrets to light

When whistle blowers and media unite to expose corruption, American opinion is split “A grandiose narcissist who deserves to be in prison.” That’s how Jeffrey Toobin of  The New Yorker described Edward Snowden in 2013, shortly after the former contractor to the National Security Agency (NSA) leaked to the public …

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Print is in (again)

The printed word remains a popular way to get news, despite what some believe For years doomsday seers have been predicting the end of print news, claiming that in the future all magazines and newspapers will be only digital. However, with the recent relaunch of Newsweek‘s print magazine, another look …

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