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A double-edged sword

Though texting is a quick mode of communication, it is often used in place of face-to-face interactions, affecting the quality of our conversations and how we form relationships  It’s everywhere. It’s aboard buses and in cafes. You see it when you’re walking down the pavement. You even see it in …

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Why do we tell stories?

Sharing human experience Storytelling is an age-old tradition that teaches all of us about ourselves and one another through the mixture of imagination and relatability After attending a writers’ workshop at the University of Iowa in 2011, English teacher Katherine Myers was convinced by a friend to participate in a …

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Is cursive a thing of the past?

Technological era takes a stance in elementary schools Remember those days of old when cursive was a mandatory thing to learn and class hours were dedicated to it, well it seems those days will remain of old.  Along with Hawaii and Indiana the North Carolina will no longer require cursive …

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