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Brave New World

Brave New World reveals important issues in modern day society Genetic modification, government corruption, substance abuse … sounds familiar, right? Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is a modern classic novel — perpetually relevant — delving into important issues that modern society faces. Generations of readers have identified with this book, …

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Contributing to a classic

It’s 1957. An aspiring female author with boy-cut brown hair leans across a desk and offers a well-worked manuscript to Tay Hohoff, an editor at LB Lippencott. The editor fans through the manuscript’s crisp pages, digesting a story about a young woman named Scout. It’s a story about right and …

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Shaping minds, changing lives

Reading children’s books is worth more than just entertainment, as children learn and grow through simple children’s tales When you talk about influencing people you’re much better off influencing children to be positive members of society than adults,” said David Adler, the author of the Cam Jansen Mystery series. “Because …

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They are classics for a reason

A holiday break is an opportunity to choose your own reading; why not read something great? “I grew up reading,” recalled Eric Gosset, a math and computer science professor at Bethel University. “I can remember when I was even in elementary school, or pre-reading age, my mom and I would …

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