Senior Tributes 2021

Senior tributes 2021

The Antler Yearbook offers a special section of Senior Tributes for the Class of 2021.

Links to resources and planning information can be found on this page.

The 2021 yearbook’s DEADLINE for Senior Tributes is Friday, Oct. 30, 2020

What is a senior tribute?

Each year, the final section of the Antler yearbook consists of senior tributes, which are available in full-page, half-page, quarter-page and eighth-page sizes. Parents, grandparents and other family members often purchase tribute space for a graduating senior. Tributes consist of the senior’s name, along with text (such as a personal message, inspirational quote, favorite Bible verse) and contemporary and/or childhood photos. Purchasing a tribute is completely optional, of course.

How are tributes created?

This year the Antler has a special offer for parents! Zac Anderson, a member of the Class of 2021 and design editor for the Antler, will create your tribute for you using: a) your words, b) your photos, c) your choice of layout. In practice, for parents it will work much like creating a Christmas card or party invitation using Shutterfly, Costco or Wallgreens, etc. You choose the style you like best, include your own images and message, and ultimately upload a file and pay online. The extra step is that you will send materials to Zac, and he will place them in a temple you’ve chosen. We’ll send the finished file back to you, so you can upload it to the Jostens Ad Service website, which directs the tributes to our yearbook.

To get started

  • View tributes from previous yearbooks for inspiration and to see how many photos and words fit comfortably for each size.
  • View the design/layout templates available this year created by Zac Anderson (’21). Note that there are four different sizes: 1/8-page, 1/4-page, 1/2-page and full-page. Each size has its own limits for the number of words and photos that will fit. (Click on the different sizes to view the templates.)
  • Consider the words you’d like to include. Write and/or gather them. (We can’t use song lyrics or poems due to copyright restrictions.)
  • Consider the photo(s) you want to include and gather the files. We will use digital files, so prints must be scanned (we can do that at school for you, if you don’t have access to a scanner). We need high-resolution files for yearbook publishing. Low-resolution photos grabbed from most websites (Facebook, Instagram) won’t work because they often look pixelated or blurry. (High-resolution means 300 dpi at the print size; if you’re not sure how to check, a file 1 MB or larger usually works, but files 100 KB or less are too small and usually were pulled from websites.)
  • When you’ve chosen a tribute size and have your photos and text ready, CLICK ON THIS LINK to send them to Zac Anderson. Zac will send you the finished product as a single JPEG digital file. He will also send you further instructions along with a link to the “Jostens Ad Service” website, where you will upload your file and pay by credit card.

What do senior tributes cost?

Proceeds from Senior Tributes help cover the cost of producing the yearbook (a full-color, high-school yearbook costs about $75 per copy these days). As we add tributes, we add pages to the yearbook, which adds to our cost. Any leftover funds help the staff buy or replace needed equipment. Prices are as follows:

From July 31 to Sept. 15, 2020:
Full page: $310
Half page: $195
Quarter page: $130
Eighth page: $65
From Sept. 16 to Oct. 30, 2020:
Full page: $320
Half page: $205
Quarter page: $140
Eighth page: $75

Thank you!

Reid Westrem, yearbook adviser

If you have questions for Zac, please contact him at: [email protected]

If you have questions for Mr. Westrem, please contact him at: [email protected]

Finally, what are the design options for each tribute size?

1/8 PAGE:

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1/4 PAGE:

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1/2 PAGE:

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