Molly DiNardo

Coronavirus: Online School

What online school is like from a teacher’s perspective The current pandemic has heavily affected classrooms across the United States, and the world. Since schools have been moved online, everyone has had to adjust, especially teachers. Though the class content has stayed the same for many, teaching styles and resources …

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Gymnastics makes its debut as winter sport

Gymnastics makes its debut as a winter sport Senior is Minnehaha’a lone representative in new co-op for girls The smell of chalk hangs in the air and the sound of someone jumping on a trampoline screeches. Senior Kylee Kassebaum gets ready to do yet another round-off backhand spring, a skill …

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Fall Enrollment Update

Increased student numbers show positive impact on Minnehaha Citing excitement over the new building and the school’s caring community, Minnehaha’s admissions leaders say that student numbers have made quite a jump from last year to this year. Almost 50 new students have enrolled at the upper school this year, they …

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