Meena Morar

[email protected] Meena is the online editor and junior staff writer whose interests are in english and history studies. Meena enjoys to delve into intelligent conversations with a deeper understanding as the goal. She is also the captain of the Debate team.

Vehicles for understanding others

English teacher carries passion for reading, writing into new chapter of life Every student has undoubtedly experienced the wrath of Mrs. Myers’ deliberate purple pen across their essay. With every comment made, yet another feeling of failure crossed the student’s mind. Yet, with every so called failure came a more …

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Being conscious of the subconscious

A local police officer, judge and teacher discuss how to keep implicit bias from affecting how people treat each other Blink. It takes one third of a second to blink. It takes one third of second to size up an individual, an unconscious perception in the blink of an eye. …

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Full STEAM ahead

STEAM education works to place emphasis on the arts as well as science What is a new scientific discovery without a powerful speech to accompany it? What are new blueprints for a rocket without the mathematical calculations to send it into space? Society cannot function with completely polarized paths of …

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Profile: Maddie Danzberger

Daring to dream beyond Danzberger inspires by diving beneath the superficial surface Obnoxious clicks and flashing lights fill the room, echoing off the walls along with the music blaring and mundane murmurs of scattered conversations. “That’s the shot! Perfect. Get the next look on, we’ve got three more to go,” …

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Contrasting column: your vote matters

Your vote changes history, don’t waste your vote The 2016 presidential race will go down in history, with all of its countless memes and fact checking. Amid the shocking twists and turns of the campaign, voters must remember that one of the candidates will ultimately be elected president of the …

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Striking gender differences in skill, pay

Soccer dispute causes concern for women In the 10 seconds it takes to read this sentence, Clint Dempsey, forward for United States Men’s National Soccer Team (USMNT), will have made $1.46. In those same 10 seconds, Alex Morgan, forward for the United States Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT), will have …

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