Maddie Binning

Maddie Binning is a senior at Minnehaha Academy and Editor in Chief of the Talon Newspaper. Maddie has worked on the Talon for four years and hopes to study journalism in university. When she isn't working on the paper, Maddie is both a freelance photographer and a photographer at Lifetouch Portrait Studios. She also has a passion for reading, music and traveling.

Facebook psychology

How using social media affects your thinking Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg began selling the long-awaited Facebook stock last week on May 18. The value of Facebook has been estimated at nearly $100 billion, and Zuckerberg is now worth about $18 billion himself. With the recent sales, the value of Facebook …

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TV cuts lifespan

TV decreases life expectancy, study shows A study from the University of Queensland in Australia suggests that each hour you spend watching TV after the age of 25 shortens your life by 21.8 minutes. This has been the first study of its kind and the researchers admit that the conclusions involve …

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New Chinese Teacher

Maddie Binning, Talon Staff Writer New to Minnehaha Academy, Chinese teacher Ming Dong said he is enjoying his new job. Born in Dalian, China, Dong moved to Washington, D.C., several years ago to finish his master’s degree at George Mason University. Later he moved to Minnesota and got a job …

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Words are power

Think before you speak Offensive phrases go beyond the traditional four-letter words By Maddie Binning, Talon staff writer “Words said in jest still sting,” said English teacher Janet Johnson as she considered how her students speak. As freshman Nicole Rodger knows all too well, some of these words don’t only hurt …

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