Krista Victorsen

Body Language: Lost in Translation?

Digital communication leaves key gaps No matter where, if someone taps their patella just right, it’ll trigger a knee-jerk. If a sudden weight is dropped onto them, their knee-jerk reflex immediately causes their legs to contract, allowing them to maintain their balance without dropping the weight. Ample scientific evidence suggests …

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Food facts with a grain of salt

Eating has been complicated by acronym ingredients such as GMO, BHT and MSG; understanding these and other hard-to-pronounce additives is key to making healthy choices  Making healthy choices may seem to be an intuitive process with two opposites at odds — i.e., cake or broccoli — but which is better, …

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Year two in space, year one in class

Minnehaha’s International Space Station (ISS) team creates their experiment during class time On Feb. 25, NASA astronaut Dr. Tom Marshburn gave a presentation during Tuesday assembly period describing his three months and twenty-six days on the International Space Station (ISS). But for members of the Applied Research in Engineering (A.R.E.) …

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