Kitra Katz

Disabled doesn’t mean incapable

Individuals with disabilities and their families strive for acceptance in today’s society   Thinking back, Lisbeth Vest Armstrong, former special education teacher, can remember the hurtful actions from students toward peers who had disabilities as they walked through the school. “They would get to our classroom and they would go …

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A new melody for Perkins

New fine arts assistant brings choral, piano and management expertise Gretchen Perkins was hired this year as the new Upper School fine arts assistant, where she will be assisting with tasks such as planning the upcoming choir tour, helping to handle money, and accompanying the choir class with her piano …

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Coach looks to promote more than volleyball

Experience of a lifetime, thinks Gowling Kelley Gowling will be taking on the role of head coach for the Minnehaha Academy girls varsity volleyball team this fall. Gowling has played volleyball since the fourth grade and continued through her college years, when she attended Concordia University in Chicago. Inspired by …

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