John Misa

Coronavirus: How COVID stacks up

What makes COVID-19 so dangerous The WHO (World Health Organization) reported as of May 12, 2020, there have been over 4.3 million laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 across 200 countries and territories. Of those 4.3 million, almost 300,000 people have died due to a COVID-19 related cause. With such significant statistics, …

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Growing crystals in space

Minnehaha ISS team growing crystals to combat kidney stones The 2019-2020 Minnehaha Academy International Space Station experiment will explore the condition of kidney stones by growing calcium carbonate crystals in space. Developing kidney stones is a common painful condition that is found in over 200,000 Americans per year. This years’ …

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Sending school work to space

Minnehaha ISS team prepares experiment for space The Minnehaha Academy ISS team is preparing an experiment to grow calcium carbonate crystals in space, with a launch date to the International Space Station scheduled for Feb. 7, 2020.  The team  of two teachers and 13 students is designing an experiment to …

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