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Gabbi Johnson is a senior and writes for The Talon newspaper. She enjoys to dance, read and write. As well as taking dance classes and performing, she also teaches classes for younger students. Her favorite genres to read are fantasy and fiction.

Still denied after 100 years

The Armenia Genocide: a family memoir Few Americans know of the tragic events, while political leaders are reluctant to speak the ‘g-word’ “Raise your hand if you have heard of the Holocaust.” Every single hand went into the air. “Now,” said former history teacher Elizabeth Van Pilsum in AP World …

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January 11

With windchills of negative 17, students bundled up both outside and side the school. Winter coats were seen all throughout the day, along with blankets and extra sweatshirts. After the bell rang, students flooded out to their cars and made sure to leave a few extra minutes to let the …

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Preach without speech- Allan Law

“Many years ago I had the Salvation Army charity come to my church and they said, ‘We’re going to do something for the poor on Thanksgiving and on Christmas,’” said Minnehaha alumnus Allan Law (‘62), “and I said, ‘Well what about the other 363 days?’ And they looked at me …

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Breaking Bread

Bread, pasta, cake, cookies, are just a few foods gluten free students cannot eat. Food intolerances affect approximately 15 million Americans. Ranging from gluten to dairy to sugar to meat to nuts, adjustments and special precautions must be made to accommodate to these intolerances. At Minnehaha, gluten intolerances are the …

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Anatomy students dissect deer hearts and lungs

Four deer hearts and lungs were donated to the CIS Anatomy and Physiology class by the Pattison family from their family hunting trip. Mrs. Cripe encouraged students to arrive 15 minutes early to class and examine and dissect the organs. Once getting past the “gross factor,” the students  happily held …

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Blythe Colvin: Music

After being in a seven week long music program through “She rock she rock,” senior Blythe Colvin found herself in a rock band with three other girls. Not only does she play the bass guitar, but also writes songs and organizes performances. The band is called “Last Import,” which came …

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Decorating Pumpkins

In the spirit of Halloween, Mrs. Cripe’s senior advisory brought mini pumpkins to decorate. The room smelled of Sharpie markers and chatter filled the air. Hot glue guns were plugged into the wall, but after a few minutes the girls realized no one had brought buttons or glitter to glue …

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Homecoming traditions

Observing Minnehaha’s history through the annual return of alumni, commemeration of seniors and collection of events and activities that has brought the school community together for over half a century Although the origins of the homecoming traditions are not crystal clear, the University of Missouri claims the first homecoming. In …

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