Evan Taylor

Modern Army Recruiting

Modern army recruiting Over the last two decades, as technology has become a bigger part of our lives, many companies and organizations have had to adapt in order to share their message. Possibly the biggest of these organizations in the U.S. to adapt to the new digital reality is the …

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Coronavirus: How to stay fit in quarantine

Mental health as much a priority as physical during quarantine With quarantine and digital learning in full force, the effects of these measures have given students new health challenges. These challenges that affect both mental and physical health can be hard to deal with if you don’t know what needs …

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Finding Your Career

What’s Shaping Your Career Path? Knowing what you want to pursue as a career can make a large impact on the choices you make, whether it’s choosing a major in college or even what college you choose in the first place. When making such an important decision, there are ways …

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