Elsa Johnson

Coronavirus and the Economy

Coronavirus and the Economy How COVID-19 has affected the economy Since March, the US economy has been greatly affected by COVID-19. Unemployment levels have skyrocketed. According to a study by the University of California, as much as one-third of the US economy may be shut down and real unemployment levels …

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Welcome to “Schollville”

Welcome to “Schollville” Math teacher Scott Scholl’s wide scope of influence enriches the lives of students Math equations. They are the first thing you see when you walk into Scott Scholl’s third-floor math classroom written across all three whiteboards. Occasionally, among the graphs and equations, you might even see the …

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Blockbuster hoops set for January

Boys’ basketball team plans huge event in January In early January 2020, Minnehaha Academy will be hosting basketball games in which some of the best teams in the country will be playing against each other, including Minnehaha’s own boys’ team.  This tournament will take place on Friday, Jan. 3, and …

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