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Are phones our friends?

Phones demand our attention when studying “Sometimes I can look up things if I need help to learn more about a topic, but it can negatively affect me when I get distracted if I go on social media,” said junior Trent LeVahn. “I also like listening to music, country mostly. …

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Should MA boys’ basketball move up?

After back to back state titles for the MA boys’ basketball team there has been talk surrounding whether the Redhawks should move up a class Despite winning two straight state championships, and winning 24 out of 30 games against class AAA and AAAA competition in the past two years, the …

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Homeschoolers find sports home

Homeschooled athletes join Minnehaha Academy teams to play sports After making it all the way to the section semi-final this year, the boys’ soccer team will need all the help they can get next year to keep improving. They will lose 8 seniors, 6 of which were starters. Junior goalie …

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Fortnite falling fast

Fortnite falling fast The worlds most popular game is losing its momentum   After the release of Fortnite Battle Royale on July 25, 2017 the number of players has skyrocketed from less than 1 million within the first month to over 125 million players in June, 2018. Players from around …

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Dance Disputes

Dance decisions Dances to be held at North Campus for first time since explosion After the explosion last year on August 2, the school dance coordination staff was faced with a problem: where to have the dances. The first three dances of last year were held at the Mendota Heights …

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Changes to CFE for ’18-’19

Explosion alters CFE program Interim CFE director Jessa Anderson plans for CFE in 2018-2019 school year After the explosion on August 2, many things were forced to change and adapt to a new school year, including the Cultural Field Experience (CFE) program. The decision was made that the school year …

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