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Getting involved in the community

Students keep busy with internships, jobs and volunteering “You can’t put a price tag on [the value of internships] because you’re learning about responsibility,” said Principal Jason Wenschlag. The difference between the three is shown by the distinctive values each has to offer. In the long run, the goal of …

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All about the college application

What is included in the Common Application? Approaching the midpoint of the first semester, students are working hard to meet their college application deadlines. For many who are applying under “early action” or “early decision,” the most common deadlines are Oct. 15, Nov. 1, Nov. 15 and Dec. 1. By …

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Running the State

Is this the best era in Minnehaha sports history? “Larry Suggs personally came into my office when he was in 5th grade and Larry said that Jalen and several of his friends who were good athletes are looking at coming to Minnehaha,” said athletic director Josh Thurow. Thurow then asked …

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Are phones our friends?

Phones demand our attention when studying “Sometimes I can look up things if I need help to learn more about a topic, but it can negatively affect me when I get distracted if I go on social media,” said junior Trent LeVahn. “I also like listening to music, country mostly. …

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