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Losing a language: what’s at stake?

“You can’t separate language and culture,” said Program Director Louise Matson of the Division of Indian Work (DIW), a branch of the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches. The loss of native language has been an increasingly difficult issue among Native American communities. “When we’re losing our language, we’re losing our …

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From Colombia to Minnehaha

by Hailee Gilliand & Forrest Ahrens Minnehaha Academy’s Spanish teachers and students are very excited to welcome the new Amity, Bonnie Gomez.“I’m excited that Bonnie is here this year,” said junior Katie Brumley. “She is very enthusiastic and provides lots of cultural expansion.” Gomez is from Bucaramanga, Colombia, where she …

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A double-edged sword

Though texting is a quick mode of communication, it is often used in place of face-to-face interactions, affecting the quality of our conversations and how we form relationships  It’s everywhere. It’s aboard buses and in cafes. You see it when you’re walking down the pavement. You even see it in …

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