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Mental health aid

Minnesota nonprofit clinic Walk In is working to make counseling a tool accessible to all An estimated 43.7 million adults are living with mental illnesses in the US, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) done in 2012. Nearly half of children under 18 have had …

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Reflecting on commonly asked questions about twins, studies and students explore similarities and differences between their siblings and themselves I’m a twin. People often ask me, “Do you like being a twin? Do you get along? What’s it like having someone in the same grade? Do you have a special …

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Caffeine versus teens

Stimulants have become prominent in teens with side effects becoming more well known “One time at work, I had about four or five cups of coffee,” junior Marin Fredrickson remembered. “By the end of work, I wasn’t feeling good and my stomach was cramping up. I was standing at the …

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