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Lim embraces his passion for volunteering

“Ever since I was really young, I was that kid that would talk about how much I wanted to help people,” said junior Hayoung Lim. “I would say [things] like, ‘when I get money, I’m going to give all of it to the homeless people.’ I’ve just always felt like …

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Teamwork across the metro

Hope Academy officially joins Minnehaha Academy sports teams in an across metro co-op Many Minnehaha athletics teams have struggled to get depth in their programs because lower numbers. Even middle school teams are being dropped and younger kids are being brought up to fill in junior varsity and C-squad teams. …

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The success of the block

Minnehaha’s block schedule has affected students and teachers since it was put in action “I had every single class, every single day,” said freshman Anna Zellie. “The homework I got was due the very next day and I feel like I rush it when that happens.” She was talking about …

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