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Why you should read the Talon

Your newspaper (print or digital) has more value for you than you might think For many Minnehaha students, the Talon is simply something that comes out every month or so, might have an interesting headline or two, but doesn’t have anything worth reading. For many of our readers, this might …

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An Examination of Sins and Virtues: Gluttony

Considering the bonds between body, spirit and mind “You just think that because you’re a bleeding heart Minnesota liberal,” my aunt accuses. “Maybe I am,” my dad declares loudly, “but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. Please pass the turkey.” I sigh. Just a normal Thanksgiving dinner in Wisconsin. Not everyone’s …

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An Examination of Sins and Virtues: Temperance

Controlling indulgence over small things can open the door to larger growth, freedom This continues a seven-part reflection on the Virtues and Vices. Temperance, or self-restraint, is the control that people have over themselves when they resist eating another cookie, watching just one more show on Netflix or quickly sending a …

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An Examination of Sins and Virtues: Anger

As humans, we are often faced with unfavorable circumstances––financial trouble, the mishandling of valuables, injury and the like––that expose our inner feeling of anger. Experiencing this anger, however, is an inevitable aspect of the world that we live in. Just as someone would naturally experience joy if they were hired …

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An Examination of Sins and Virtues: Sloth

Like a parasitical relationship, sloth latches on There’s a certain level of relief that comes from putting aside anything that generates stress; to sit back, relax, and watch the hours wane away as you curl up in your favorite recliner, isolated from a world packed with things that you don’t …

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An Examination of Sins and Virtues: Fortitude

Bravery, or fortitude is the feeling that motivates soldiers to rise out of desolate trenches, bystanders to intervene in complicated, and possibly dangerous, situations, and individuals to stand up to aggressors. Fortitude is the backbone of society, the method by which countries and their people gain and control power and …

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