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A life-long community

Competitive mountain biking inspires life-long fitness in a positive, encouraging community Sweat drips from under a helmet, falling onto bikers’ gloved hands which are gripping onto the handlebars of their mountain bike. A tree appears ahead and they veer sharply to avoid it, still staying on the path marked out …

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The root of the problem

Recent scandals in the NFL come from long lasting issues with punishment The Everyday Heroes of the American population are sports players. From gymnastics to rugby, children to adults idolize those of us capable of astonishing physical feats. But what happens when that power we so liberally give to our …

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The “off” season

Redhawk sports stay busy this summer in many ways As the long, hot, summer days come to an end, a new school year begins. A new year of academics, sports and social life. But another year of school cannot just begin without preparation. Constructing athletics for the 102nd school year …

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Weathering the storm

The effect of weather on spring sports “As a spring athlete,” said athletic director Homar Ramirez, “you know it’s going to be a factor. You can’t control it.” Rain, snow and thunderstorms are the three main contributors of spring cancellations. Because of weather in spring sports there are many problems …

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