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Healing through music

While music may be an enjoyable pastime for some, its health benefits often go unnoticed  As the heart transplant patients at Teikyo University in Tokyo, Japan recovered in 2012, their ears filled with different sounds from room to room. In some, notes of classical music swelled while in others a …

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Science makes a difference

Researchers attempt to produce a “Universal” flu vaccine. The research which began in 2009 has built a strong foundation and brings hope. Early this February news of the flu seemed to appear everywhere. It was a chaotic time as young and old became sick. Throughout every Minnehaha hallway posters to …

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The anatomy of a winning team

Gold, silver and bronze are often the prize metals in competition, but at the CIS (College in the Schools) Anatomy and Physiology Kiosk Presentations at the University of Minnesota, the prizes are precious bones. The three coveted bones are the Golden Femur, Silver Scapula, and the Bronze Ulna. Contrary to …

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