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New facilities, new opportunities

Long-awaited renovations to the science department are planned to take place in 2015, improving labs for current classes in addition to opening up the possibility for new courses Maybe you’ve heard the murmurs about building a lab just for ISS or the uproars about a tree coming down, but does anyone …

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Sharks in Space

The 2014-15 International Space Station experiment will explore the effects of artificial shark skin on bacteria growth in microgravity, hoping to improve astronauts’ health conditions. The frigid and dry weather during the winter months takes a toll on the immune system, and anything from the common cold to the stomach …

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ISS launch delayed

International Space Station launch delayed The launch for Minnehaha’s International Space Station project, initially planned for early May, has been delayed until at least July 10 because of some errors with the last rocket launch, causing some problems for the class. “It’s frustrating, especially for the seniors,” said senior Poppy Anema …

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