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Full STEAM ahead

STEAM education works to place emphasis on the arts as well as science What is a new scientific discovery without a powerful speech to accompany it? What are new blueprints for a rocket without the mathematical calculations to send it into space? Society cannot function with completely polarized paths of …

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Mixing religion, politics with climate science

Katharine Hayhoe explains how political and religious views can shape understanding of climate change and the world “Wildfires, Once Confined to a Season, Burn Earlier and Longer,” “Sierra Nevada Snow Won’t End California’s Thirst” and “Climate-Related Death of Coral Around World Alarms Scientists” were all April headlines concerning critical and …

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Gardening as therapy

Green-thumbed individuals are seeing the effects of “horticulture therapy,” whether they see it as therapy or not When the sun has climbed above the horizon, a small girl and her grandmother slide through the doors of a farmhouse, maneuvering across the hill to a small path of earth. The child instantly …

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Using conservatism as a shield

Do you believe that the earth is round? Or that the sun is at the center of our universe? Or that gravity exists? Do you think that humans need food and water to survive? Well, these are really trick questions, because they aren’t really choices that you get to make. …

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From printing paper to printing organs

New technology brings new creations, big and small Twenty-month-old Kaiba Gionfriddo was born with tracheobronchomalacia, a rare disease which led to the weakening and deterioration of the his windpipe. Only one in 2,200 children have this disease. Gionfriddo’s tracheostomy and ventilator proved ineffective, and his health began to decline. Doctors …

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Minnehaha celebrates Mole Day

This morning, Minnehaha’s chemistry department celebrated Mole Day – which honors the mole, an SI unit created by Amedeo Avogadro – with an assortment of mole songs, mole dances and mole treats. The mole is a basic unit of measurement in chemistry that measures amount of any given substance. Avogadro’s …

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