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Psychology students work on final projects

As the bell to signal the end of second period finishes sounding, students gather in the campus room, along hallways and in clusters around the gym: the usual hot spots during FLEX time. Today, a group of about 20 students are meeting in the health room, randomly selected to participate …

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Stigmas, silence hinder healing

No more silence, no more stigmas: it’s time to talk about mental illness A man with cancer, bald and pale from exhaustive chemotherapy treatments, walks down the street, shivering in the brisk wind. As he does so, a passerby comments that he should stop feeling sorry for himselfand get it …

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Hannibal Review

Fresh audience, same villain Past surgeon, current psychologist: new TV series gives viewers a glimpse of Hannibal Lectar’s past, filled with crime chasing and many twists and turns More than twenty years ago, Anthony Perkins won the Academy Award for his eerily charismatic portrayal of jailed serial killer Hannibal Lectar …

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All you need is love…right?

Psychological needs for love, belonging lie beneath much of our most common behavior On June 25 1967, about 4 million viewers rushed to television sets in 26 different countries to watch Our World, television’s first live international satellite program. Many artists, both on canvas and in the recording studio, were …

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Searching for a different song

Increasingly raunchy music is desensitizing our generation; it’s time to find alternatives “I can be your hero, baby. I can kiss away the pain. I will stand by you forever. You can take my breath away.” Most teenagers our age have heard this song “Hero” when it was released in …

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