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A presidential race to remember

“I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything quite like it,” said Joseph G. Peschek, professor of political science at Hamline University. What is happening in the race for the presidency right now? The bizarre and unpredictable events happening in politics are being noticed even by citizens who generally don’t follow …

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Iowa caucus kicks off presidential nominations

The action has begun as all the talk and turmoil of the 2016 presidential election has led to the presidential caucus in Iowa in which the nomination process of the candidates will begin. Although the caucus in Iowa is not by any means a deciding nomination for the presidential candidates, it …

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Table-turning Trump

Donald Trump is known for having offensive and controversial views, but are they only helping his case? The Summer of Trump is passing and it is about to be the Autumn of Donald. Defying all common beltway media wisdom, capturing the attention of the nation, making headlines with his brash …

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