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Grads to pursue majors in fine arts

Humason, Aronson exit Minnehaha’s stages; seek next roles in college You’ve probably seen or heard seniors Matthew Humason and Eli Aronson performing on the stage sometime within your experience at Minnehaha Academy. It might be listening to them playing with other students in the band, performing onstage in one of …

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Individuals seek art

Depending on their emotions and mood, individuals may listen to certain music or gravitate towards characters based on what they are “seeking” “I think I seek the passion in art,” said freshman Grace Anderson. “I think no matter what it is, but especially in musical theater and songs and in …

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Drew Cairns: Writing

“The Power of Music” – Drew Cairns Journey back with me through the past fifteen years. And while there may be pleasant thoughts and memories, there are still terrible instances that come to mind. The 9/11 attacks. The Boston Marathon bombing. The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. And even just …

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The man behind the solo

Guided by his passion for music and guitar, sophomore Zack Schuster explores both creativity and structure in how he practices and lives A faint vibration can be felt through the light blue wood of the porch. Through the front door and into the house echo the sounds of an electric guitar …

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Musically minded junior finds success

The Korean pop scene has been kind to junior Jimmy Woo, whose musical composition was incorporated in the making of a hit single that became a four million view YouTube video Creating music requires an extensive sense ofcreativity—a vision, even—to convert a series of jumbled thoughts and ideas into a …

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Music and lyrics

Musical theory and lyricism reveals why some tunes are memorable and others are not Why is it that our generation is constantly hearing that our music is bad or maybe not even music at all? Why are people still listening to the music from decades ago, but get tired of …

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