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Still denied after 100 years

The Armenia Genocide: a family memoir Few Americans know of the tragic events, while political leaders are reluctant to speak the ‘g-word’ “Raise your hand if you have heard of the Holocaust.” Every single hand went into the air. “Now,” said former history teacher Elizabeth Van Pilsum in AP World …

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The 2016 Madrigal Move

“Our motto is ‘many hands make light work,’” said choir teacher Karen Lutgen, as the student body in the audience grew increasingly restless in anticipation of the coming event. After a few more tips and precautions were given, the dismissal was announced and a mass of students poured out of …

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Homecoming traditions

Observing Minnehaha’s history through the annual return of alumni, commemeration of seniors and collection of events and activities that has brought the school community together for over half a century Although the origins of the homecoming traditions are not crystal clear, the University of Missouri claims the first homecoming. In …

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Saying good-bye to Ms. Van Pilsum

One day during advisory, social studies teacher Elizabeth Van Pilsum, (known to her students as “VP”), projected a photo of the beautiful Dominican Republic and told her advisory, “I’m moving here.” At first the girls assumed it was a joke, maybe wishful thinking. But soon, they realized their beloved advisor …

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