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A double-edged sword

Though texting is a quick mode of communication, it is often used in place of face-to-face interactions, affecting the quality of our conversations and how we form relationships  It’s everywhere. It’s aboard buses and in cafes. You see it when you’re walking down the pavement. You even see it in …

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Divergent stays true to the book

The moment that Ansel Elgort and Veronica Roth’s heads become visible as they ascend the escalator and step onto the red carpet, the screaming begins. The two are welcomed by throngs of fans, most of whom have been waiting in line for hours, or had to win some contest, to …

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Teamwork across the metro

Hope Academy officially joins Minnehaha Academy sports teams in an across metro co-op Many Minnehaha athletics teams have struggled to get depth in their programs because lower numbers. Even middle school teams are being dropped and younger kids are being brought up to fill in junior varsity and C-squad teams. …

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Spring sports update

The spring sports season is coming to an end and with that the baseball team has had 10 wins and one loss in the regular season. They are ranked number one in their section and will be hosted St. Croix Lutheran on 28 May. The softball team finished their season …

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Girls’ lunch Bible study

Every week on Friday a girls’ Bible study is held during lunch. All girls, freshmen to seniors, can attend the Bible study which is led by math teacher Ms. Gosselin. The Bible study began five years ago when a couple of Gosselin’s students asked to sit in her room during …

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Champion for God on the track

Senior Jackie Bedhingham discusses how her athletic sucess reflects her strong faith Take a deep breath in, let it out. Jump twice, shake it off. High knees, slam back into blocks. Now she’s ready. Senior sprinter Jackie Bedingham has had this ritual before a race since she was 10 when …

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