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Family views Greek financial crisis

She leaned over the edge and discovered a steep drop into teal blue water. Suddenly, a Target logo of ripples exploded on the calm surface. Her cousin hit the clear water with legs tucked neatly in a cannon ball. “Elizabeth, jump!” her other cousins chanted from below. Nodding, junior Elizabeth …

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Loving people through law

There’s more to working in the law field than people would think; take a look inside the job The sound of the door creaking open alerts the anxious people in the audience that the trial is going to begin. The prosecutor steps through a metal bar, reminding himself that he …

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Lim embraces his passion for volunteering

“Ever since I was really young, I was that kid that would talk about how much I wanted to help people,” said junior Hayoung Lim. “I would say [things] like, ‘when I get money, I’m going to give all of it to the homeless people.’ I’ve just always felt like …

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