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The Omnivore’s Dilema

Be mindful of what you eat Americans think of food in terms of its convenience and richness while it should instead be viewed as a tool for nourishment of the body and the building of community. On average, Americans spend only 6.9 percent of their budgets on food, one of …

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Don’t ban books

Banned books give an artistic voice to the marginalized Olivia Dorow Hovland, Talon staff writer Each year the American Library Association comes out with a list of the ten books that have been most banned by schools, libraries, churches or organizations in the past year. In 2010, the last year …

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The secret to success

Success isn’t formulaic or coincidental but rather personally determined Olivia Dorow Hovland, Talon staff writer  Success is hard to quantify. Some measure it in wealth, others in happiness, renown or social connections. The road to success, however, is a little easier to describe. In our society, education, hard work and …

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