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How to study for finals

Homework Helpers lend experience to freshmen facing first finals It was the first test in the intense physics class, and freshman Alex Brown wasn’t sure if he was prepared. He studied long and hard but something just wasn’t right. When he showed up for the test he was nervous. Not …

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New school, new world

Chinese students overcome challenges and gain valuable experiences during their time at an American school [This story is also available in Chinese] “[In America], when a teacher gives you back an exam, they give it to you flipped over,’’ said LangTing Deng, who goes by Longine, a freshman Chinese exchange …

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Beyond college status symbols

College counselors remind students to, aside from ranking and prestige, consider factors like clubs and programs when making application decisions National ranking. Acceptance rate. School pride. Intramurals. Internship programs. These factors, which seniors consider when applying for college, range in their excitement factor as well as their importance to each student. …

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Athletics: Harmful or Helpful?

Participation in sports shown to be helpful in the classroom The old stereotype that “athletes are dumb” may not be so relevant anymore. Recently the NCAA conducted a study to compare the graduation rates of college athletes versus students that don’t participate in sports. The results found that between 2006 …

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The start of finals week

Varying levels of stress and dread fill students, as the first day of finals week begins. Classes are attended, projects turned in and quizzes taken, all as students and teachers prepare for the three days of testing that will occur at the end of the week. Though there is much …

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Psychology students work on final projects

As the bell to signal the end of second period finishes sounding, students gather in the campus room, along hallways and in clusters around the gym: the usual hot spots during FLEX time. Today, a group of about 20 students are meeting in the health room, randomly selected to participate …

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