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Senior portraits

This is the Senior PORTRAITS page for the Class of 2019. 

The 2019 Antler yearbook’s deadline for senior portraits was Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018.

The link to Jostens is now closed. If you wish to submit a portrait from a studio or another high-quality source, please contact Reid Westrem, journalism adviser, directly: [email protected].

There is a $50 late fee. We need a photo of each senior for the yearbook.  We will arrange to have a student photographer take portraits.


  • We need a vertical portrait.
  • We strongly recommend that the student fill most of the frame of the photo (a head-and-shoulders or half-body composition would work well). That’s because the photos will be printed at about the size of a credit card, so if you submit a distant, full-body shot in a beautiful landscape, the student’s face will be too small to recognize. Those portraits may look great framed for your wall, however, so go ahead and take them but please submit a close-up portrait for the yearbook.To see what we mean, take a look at the senior portraits in a previous copy of The Antler, which your son or daughter should have. Thank you.
  • The size as published will be 10 picas wide x 15 picas high (1.67″ x 2.5″). Again, this is about the size of a credit card, and it will be vertical.
  • Resolution: 300 dpi (dots or pixels per inch) or higher at the size above. You typically cannot tell if the photo has adequate resolution by viewing it on a screen. Many website images are only 72 dpi (higher is better, and we need at least 300 dpi for yearbook printing). You can determine a file’s resolution using Photoshop, Preview or another photography application. The file size may also give you a clue. High-resolution photos are typically larger files, often 1 MB or larger rather than 100 KB.
  • File format: JPEG ONLY. Please, don’t upload TIFF or PNG files. This is very important.
  • Portraits must comply with the school dress code.
  • Our goal is to be able to recognize every senior. Please, no hats or sunglasses, hands by the face, etc. Again, we discourage full-body or distant images (which make the face too small).
  • We prefer color portraits but will accept grayscale images.
  • Photographers, please note: No borders, special effects or watermarks.


Yes. We will include a vertical portrait of each senior in the graduating class. If you do not submit a portrait by the deadline, we will use their school portrait from junior year, which we have on file.


No. Many seniors do choose to visit a professional portrait studio for this milestone, but it’s not required. Some have portraits taken by experienced friends or relatives — or yearbook staff members. Studios get busy in the fall, so please make reservations as soon as you can.


You or your photographer will upload them directly to Jostens, our yearbook publisher:

  1. [THE LINK TO JOSTENS is now closed.]
  2. The user ID…
  3. Choose the photo to be uploaded. REMEMBER, each student may only submit ONE photo!
  4. Provide parent or photographer contact information. (The person uploading the photo should enter his/her information.)
  5. Provide IMAGE information: Type the student’s first and last name as you would like it to appear in the yearbook. It is extremely important to spell the student’s name correctly. Select “grade 12” from the drop-down menu. In the description field, type Senior Portrait. Click the box to agree to the terms and conditions.
  6. Click on “upload chosen images” in blue box to complete the process.
  7. You will see a confirmation page and should receive a confirmation email shortly after your submission.

NOTE: Photographers uploading several clients’ photos may upload more than one student’s photo at a time.

Thank you!

Questions? Please contact Reid Westrem, yearbook adviser: [email protected]

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