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Technology in school

Minnehaha invests to become a school for the 21st century AP Chemistry students start their homework, AP U.S. History students take notes on a lecture, and down the hall, Latin teacher Johanna Beck writes on the board. But the homework’s done online, the notes with an iPad, and the board …

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Top 5 Halloween Movies

Favorite five freaky flicks Consider the scenario: you’re having a Halloween party with your friends. After a night of trick or treating, pumpkin carving, and caramel apple eating, the night progresses with everyone gathering on the couch in front of the TV with a fresh bowl of buttered popcorn and …

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To space and back in nine months

The International Space Station Project brings new opportunities for students Minnehaha has been to Europe, the Bahamas and even Haiti. But this year, we’re going to space! “I hoped that it would excite students to be a part of a big science experiment that required students to use many different …

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A legendary legacy

The Rikkers family discusses what it means to be a four-generation Minnehaha family and what it means to them A lot can happen in four generations. Four generations ago the Wright brothers were taking the first aviation flight in history, whereas today there are roughly 300 airlines in the world …

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New starts and happy endings

Transfer students find a home in the Minnehaha community It was an early morning in January 2011 when junior Kat Knutson woke up to get ready. Halfway through her freshman year, she had the chance to start over – and she was worried out of her mind. Too nervous to eat …

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