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Fundraising goal begins

Fundraising goal begins 50 million dollar goal set for campuses Minnehaha Academy’s leadership launched the largest fundraising effort in the school’s history, which was announced Oct. 17 in letters to M.A. parents from President Donna Harris and Marc Belton, a Board of Trustees member, parent and chair of the Together …

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Consoles and video games

Which video game console is right for you? The PS4 (PlayStation 4), Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch are currently the three hottest video game consoles on the market. Each console brings a different key element to the table and it’s important to know what all three consoles specialize in  before …

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Brady Ryan (’12) in Jordan

Examining belief in the Middle East Varying beliefs have been a source of controversy worldwide for thousands of years, and still are today. However, Arabic-speaking nations are free of such controversy (at least nominally) simply because of semantics; in Arabic, there is no word for “beliefs,” only a word for …

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Being respectful in chapel

Respecting the message: The Talon staff encourages you to stop complaining and criticizing and start listening “Did you see what she was wearing?” “Dude, I counted and he said like 48 times during his presentation.” “Her voice was so annoying, I couldn’t even sleep.” “He can’t relate to anyone… why …

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CFE 2013: Where in the world?

Each year, Cultural Field Experience week (CFE) comes and goes with a great diversity of experiences and lessons learned. Whether the site is a 15 minute drive or an 18 hour plane ride away, each experience is individualized and every student takes away a different lesson based on what stood …

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Technology in school

Minnehaha invests to become a school for the 21st century AP Chemistry students start their homework, AP U.S. History students take notes on a lecture, and down the hall, Latin teacher Johanna Beck writes on the board. But the homework’s done online, the notes with an iPad, and the board …

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