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Lockdown procedure practice enforced

Today, after a comedic assembly from MA’s two Slovak students, Matus Kocalka and Adam Hano, principal Jason Wenschlag went over the basic requirements for MA’s lockdown drill. Two basic categories were listed: code red and code yellow. An alarm and voice would speak through the intercom, alerting students of the …

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From printing paper to printing organs

New technology brings new creations, big and small Twenty-month-old Kaiba Gionfriddo was born with tracheobronchomalacia, a rare disease which led to the weakening and deterioration of the his windpipe. Only one in 2,200 children have this disease. Gionfriddo’s tracheostomy and ventilator proved ineffective, and his health began to decline. Doctors …

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Psychology students work on final projects

As the bell to signal the end of second period finishes sounding, students gather in the campus room, along hallways and in clusters around the gym: the usual hot spots during FLEX time. Today, a group of about 20 students are meeting in the health room, randomly selected to participate …

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Musically minded junior finds success

The Korean pop scene has been kind to junior Jimmy Woo, whose musical composition was incorporated in the making of a hit single that became a four million view YouTube video Creating music requires an extensive sense ofcreativity—a vision, even—to convert a series of jumbled thoughts and ideas into a …

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For the love of aviation

Eddie DiBlasi creates model planes, attends flight school and strives for his pilot’s license “Fly the plane,” he thinks to himself, “ just fly the plane. If anything goes wrong or I get lost, just remember to fly the plane.” The plug door shuts tightly, sealing the pilot in his …

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