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Language in and out of the classroom

Growing up bilingual benefits many Minnehaha students Every day, high schoolers fill Minnehaha’s language classes. Students take their seats and pull our their textbooks and iPads. The bell rings and the teacher greets the students with a cheery “Bonjour,” “nǐmén hǎo,” “salve” or “hola” as they begin to take notes. …

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Athletics: Harmful or Helpful?

Participation in sports shown to be helpful in the classroom The old stereotype that “athletes are dumb” may not be so relevant anymore. Recently the NCAA conducted a study to compare the graduation rates of college athletes versus students that don’t participate in sports. The results found that between 2006 …

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Preach without speech- Allan Law

“Many years ago I had the Salvation Army charity come to my church and they said, ‘We’re going to do something for the poor on Thanksgiving and on Christmas,’” said Minnehaha alumnus Allan Law (‘62), “and I said, ‘Well what about the other 363 days?’ And they looked at me …

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The start of finals week

Varying levels of stress and dread fill students, as the first day of finals week begins. Classes are attended, projects turned in and quizzes taken, all as students and teachers prepare for the three days of testing that will occur at the end of the week. Though there is much …

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