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Kick start of CFE group meetings

Outside, the flecks of wintry white snow drift softly to the ground, coating the trees, tennis courts and clock tower in a thick layer of fluff. Students flock around large orange posters, then, with different destinations in mind, move off towards various areas of the school.  Today was the first …

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Snodaze jeopardy

In the spirit of the Snodaze, all of the students gathered in the chapel to watch an intense round of MA related jeopardy. Categories like teacher mashup (with famous people), Johnny Goth impressions, MA twitter handles and couple names were cheered on as the students and faculty battled it out. …

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Snapchat geofilter contest!

Have you always wished for a Minnehaha geofilter? Are your snapchat stories lacking the coolness factor you can find in a filter of our school? Well, now is the time to change that. The Talon and redhawksonline are starting a new contest..one that entirely depends on you. The process of making …

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GOP debate breakdown: how each candidate fared

Senior Luke Fraizure—aficionado of politics—breaks down last evening’s debate and grades each candidate’s performance. Donald Trump: A  “Trump probably had the strongest debate of the night. He was just Donald Trump the last five debates and that sufficed for him, but [last night] he broke out of his shell.” Ted Cruz: B+  …

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France CFE group meets to prepare for trip

Today the French trip CFE group all gathered in french teacher and group leader Mark Norlander’s room to discuss more details about the upcoming trip. Reverend Dan Bergstrom is the other group chaperone of the trip. The students spent the flex and assembly period dissecting the criss-crossing colored lines of …

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January 11

With windchills of negative 17, students bundled up both outside and side the school. Winter coats were seen all throughout the day, along with blankets and extra sweatshirts. After the bell rang, students flooded out to their cars and made sure to leave a few extra minutes to let the …

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