Raising purple pride

  MA students find ways to raise their horn by Cristina Anfang Talon staff writer By the end of the NFL football season Minnehaha’s normal  purple and gold jerseys sported around school, had changed to a sea of green and gold. Two Minnehaha students wanted to change that trend at …

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Energy awareness

Small steps can save big bucks on the school’s energy bill By Pauline Ojambo Talon staff writer Walking in from the cold Minnesota weather it’s reassuring to know that as soon as you step through the commons, you’ll be greeted with the warmth of the heaters. While sitting in class …

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Families face choice

Bloomington families weigh options; most will continue at South Campus in Minneapolis By Kersten Chelgren Talon Staff Writer The families of 40 Minnehaha students have been forced to decide what to do next year as their beloved Bloomington campus closes. Many teachers and families are sad to say goodbye, but …

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