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Contrasting column: your vote matters

Your vote changes history, don’t waste your vote The 2016 presidential race will go down in history, with all of its countless memes and fact checking. Amid the shocking twists and turns of the campaign, voters must remember that one of the candidates will ultimately be elected president of the …

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Presidential poll: None of the above?

Support for candidates mixed at best Minnehaha students expressed a slight preference for the Democratic party and its presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, in a September poll, but it’s also evident that they lack confidence in both Clinton and her rival, Republican nominee Donald Trump. Results were published Thurs., Sept. 29, …

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Using conservatism as a shield

Do you believe that the earth is round? Or that the sun is at the center of our universe? Or that gravity exists? Do you think that humans need food and water to survive? Well, these are really trick questions, because they aren’t really choices that you get to make. …

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Finding your passion

Conventional wisdom holds the idea that pursuing your dreams leads to a fulfilled life—that, by following a single, vested interest, you can achieve genuine happiness. Now, while the inspirational mainstay “Follow Your Dreams” may lead to an enjoyable career, its simplicity is often misleading: Passion isn’t easy to come by. …

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Bond between body, spirit and mind copy

“You just think that because you’re a bleeding heart Minnesota liberal,” my aunt accuses. “Maybe I am,” my dad declares loudly, “but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. Please pass the turkey.” I sigh. Just a normal Thanksgiving dinner in Wisconsin. Not everyone’s Thanksgiving meal involves such political attacks, but most …

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Building community? Get in line

The vice of greed is more than wanting more presents, even budging the lunch line is greed Every year you read the story. That one about the true meaning of Christmas, and how it’s not about getting, it’s about giving. This year, The Talon will give you a break from …

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