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Use CTRL online

As members of a Christian school, we should conduct ourselves in a higher manner online (and everywhere else too); we should constantly be looking out for others feelings and asking ourselves if what we’re doing is right.

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Using your rights

Making your voice heard is your right …but with it comes responsibility by Brigid Kelly Talon staff writer We know how to listen, think and communicate – some of us have been taught how to use these skills for up to 18 years. Whether it’s a discussion at the dinner …

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Electronics policy

School electronics policy is fair, reasonable Talon staff Many students may think that the school’s personal electronic devices policy (referring to use during free hour and flex) is unreasonable or even unfair. In reality, the policy (which was implemented in the 2006-2007 school year) is not only understandable but justified. …

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Controversial scanners

New security system good addition to airports By Meera Goswitz Talon staff writer Take off your shoes and belts. Remove your cell phone and keys.  Remove any other metal items from your pockets. This probably sounds familiar: the process all passengers must go through before entering the gates at the …

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Unwritten rules

Freshmen go into their first year of high school with little to no information about what to expect. Many kids don’t have siblings attending the upper school so it can be a challenge to figure out the in’s and out’s of high school. It’s not necessarily the classes that freshman get so worried about, it’s not always about making friends, but it’s the “unwritten rules” that they need to know. Let’s take a walk through a day at Minnehaha Academy....

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