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Why shopping feels good

Emotions often play unnoticed role in shopping By Kersten Chelgren Talon staff writer For most people, shopping means new clothes or a new video game or new sports equipment, sometimes even things around the house. For other people, shopping takes a totally different meaning. It can become as destructive as …

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Emotions of eating

Think before you eat Are you letting your emotions affect your appetite? By Erin Mortenson Talon staff writer It’s a Sunday afternoon, the Vikings are on and they aren’t doing so well. To help numb the pain of our team losing, you grab a bag of chips  and a pop. …

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M.A.’s new administrators

"The thing that most influenced my decision to go into education was the summer I worked as an aide in the Roseville Summer Band program. I was given a group of students to teach and was amazed at the progress they made in such a short time. It was fun to see the growth and excitement in the students,” said new principal, Bruce Maeda. New editions to the Minnehaha family this fall are Maeda and Vice Principal Janet Gulden. They are in charge of both the Lower and Middle schools at South Campus and Bloomington Campus.

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Dangers of energy drinks

Many teens use energy drinks on a daily basis, but these drinks have a detrimental effect on long-term health if used frequently. “Generally sugar taken in the high amounts found in energy drinks can cause addiction,” said Andrea Jensen, a certified personal trainer and team nutrition coach at Lifetime Fitness. “It also affects your blood sugar levels, increasing your insulin, which is a precursor to diabetes.”

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