Meaning suits him

Donkersgoed has success, wisdom beyond his years There are 150,000 people staring and 50 television cameras running as a long whistle sounds, signaling for athletes to climb onto their blocks. Suddenly, the crowd surrounding the pool adopts a thick silence as the referee’s hands extend to the starter. On lane eight’s block there’s …

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Thanks a latte

Stonich visits Minnehaha, gives insight on her writing process   “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” No seriously, read all about it. It was the annual Thanks-a-Latte event on 12 Apr. given in the MA library by the Friends of the Library. As all public events start, it all began …

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Kony campaign sweeps nation

Good cause, flawed messenger?   Former Minnehaha student Jal Chuol grew up mostly in the U.S. but also in Africa hearing scary stories about monsters that were all too real compared to what we hear as kids about the boogie monster under our bed. While staying at a family friend’s …

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