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“Steady valley experiences”

For two M.A. teachers, the road that led from high-school graduation back to the classroom was long, complicated Westrems experience both highlights and influential ‘steady, valley experiences’     Stepping onto the picturesque campus of Northwestern University, Reid Westrem (‘84), then a college freshman and now Minnehaha’s journalism and freshman …

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A major decision

Selecting a major can be difficult, and students share their opinions and strategies “It’s a completely different ballgame here,” said Manda TenHoor (’13). TenHoor went into college knowing what she wanted to major in. She was sure of her career aspirations to do missionary nursing in India, and because of …

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Seniors and their siblings

When a graduate leaves home, how are younger siblings affected? There are 101 students in this year’s graduating class. Of those 101 students, 30 have siblings that go to school at the North Campus. The siblings vary throughout the three lower grades. The sibling staying in high school will receive …

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Banning tanning

New bill aims to ban tanning for minors in Minnesota It may seem attractive to some at first, but a month-long ‘base tan’ is not worth your life. The use of tanning salons has increased in the past few years, especially among teenagers. Also rising in relation to this increase …

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Body Language: Lost in Translation?

Digital communication leaves key gaps No matter where, if someone taps their patella just right, it’ll trigger a knee-jerk. If a sudden weight is dropped onto them, their knee-jerk reflex immediately causes their legs to contract, allowing them to maintain their balance without dropping the weight. Ample scientific evidence suggests …

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