Award Winners

Healing the past by creating anew

From pain to healing, local founder of a youth art organization shows the power of creativity “I heard a really loud clank and it was an immediate free fall,” said Lindsay Walz, a survivor of the 2007 35W Bridge collapse. “My car basically took a nosedive into the river.” Walz stared …

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Minnehaha Day by Day: Fall 2013

Relive the year so far… Junior journalist Maddie Binning has been posting one photo per school day on Redhawksonline since the beginning of the 2012-2013 academic year. Here is a compilation of her daily photos from the fall semester of 2013. Photos and video by Maddie Binning. Music by Ivan Chew. …

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Minnehaha wealth gap

Minnehaha students must learn to navigate the muddy waters of socioeconomic differences “From the first moment you drive into the parking lot, you can see it from the type of cars people are driving,” said sophomore Kitra Katz. “And the first moment you come inside on the first day of …

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