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Award Winners

Career Day 2015

Graduates representing many professional fields and courses of collegiate study returned to Minnehaha in March to meet with current students, offering them advice for the future. A few shared their thoughts with seniors Angela Scharf and Kate Brown for Redhawksonline: Career Day 2015 from Redhawksonline on Vimeo.

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Living across the world

Foreign students are forced to face the challenges of studying abroad “It’s hard sometimes, here in America,” said Jimmy Woo, a sophomore at Minnehaha, “I miss my friends and family.” Jimmy, now standing 15 feet or so away from a basketball hoop, looks up, sets and shoots. The brown rugged …

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Sharks in Space

The 2014-15 International Space Station experiment will explore the effects of artificial shark skin on bacteria growth in microgravity, hoping to improve astronauts’ health conditions. The frigid and dry weather during the winter months takes a toll on the immune system, and anything from the common cold to the stomach …

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Looking back on Title IX

 Coach, health teacher looks back on forty years of female athletics beginning with Title IX In 1975, only a few years after girls’ basketball became an official sport at Minnehaha Academy, the girls won the school’s first Tri-metro Championship. But even in this proud moment, as the president got up …

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Publications bring secrets to light

When whistle blowers and media unite to expose corruption, American opinion is split “A grandiose narcissist who deserves to be in prison.” That’s how Jeffrey Toobin of  The New Yorker described Edward Snowden in 2013, shortly after the former contractor to the National Security Agency (NSA) leaked to the public …

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