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Anna Forslund: Writing

Freshman Anna Forslund enjoys writing on her own time, and in the poem below, titled “Love Story,” Forslund tells the story of her great grandma and grandpa’s love. Forslund adds more in the writer’s note below. “My great grandma died last year on Wednesday January 7th, 2015,” Forslund said. “She …

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Raye Ebensteiner: Writing

“In a Man’s World” Seated desks and fluorescent lights Executive meetings and jury duties Dark alleys in the night Girls don’t have cooties. Wage gap, endearing names, doing favors Cooking dinner, cleaning the kitchen, keeping him satisfied She and he, hands raise. The father calls on him, For the stronger, …

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Drew Cairns: Writing

“The Power of Music” – Drew Cairns Journey back with me through the past fifteen years. And while there may be pleasant thoughts and memories, there are still terrible instances that come to mind. The 9/11 attacks. The Boston Marathon bombing. The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. And even just …

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Blythe Colvin: Music

After being in a seven week long music program through “She rock she rock,” senior Blythe Colvin found herself in a rock band with three other girls. Not only does she play the bass guitar, but also writes songs and organizes performances. The band is called “Last Import,” which came …

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Ingrid Snook: Music

Ingrid Snook has been making a name for her self in the local music scene as of late, even getting the opportunity to preform at the MN State Fair over the summer. The talented teenager is also a junior at Minnehaha Academy. Here are some examples of her music: The …

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