Stella Berlin

From Africa to the Artic

Summer adventures will send Redhawks soaring across the globe Many people spend their sum- mer vacation relaxing, but for some Minnehaha students and teachers, summer will bring travel opportunities stretching from the arctic to Af- rica. Here are a few of their stories. Pilgrimage Four teachers — Wendy Mc- Donald …

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New co-ops for lacrosse teams

With spring sports under way, boys’ and and girls’ lacrosse are two of many Minnehaha sports benefiting from a co-op, in which athletes from different schools unite to form a team. This year boys’ lacrosse co-op, known as the TrIMAC Blackhawks, is expanding. Minnehaha will again team up with Concordia …

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A blizzard of co-ops

Many sports teams have a co-op with other schools, but how does it work? All the girls were packed tightly into Panera. It was the first game of the season, and everyone was getting to know each other over their meals. They were all from different schools, talking about their …

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