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“Steady valley experiences”

For two M.A. teachers, the road that led from high-school graduation back to the classroom was long, complicated Westrems experience both highlights and influential ‘steady, valley experiences’     Stepping onto the picturesque campus of Northwestern University, Reid Westrem (‘84), then a college freshman and now Minnehaha’s journalism and freshman …

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Stigmas, silence hinder healing

No more silence, no more stigmas: it’s time to talk about mental illness A man with cancer, bald and pale from exhaustive chemotherapy treatments, walks down the street, shivering in the brisk wind. As he does so, a passerby comments that he should stop feeling sorry for himselfand get it …

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Classic Seuss comes to life

Behind the stage of Minnehaha Academy’s auditorium, the books of Dr. Seuss are coming to life. Students paint these whimsical and wildly chromatic landscapes while listening to the huge indie stars of today, ranging from Lorde to The 1975 to Bastille. The color buries itself in these young painters’ nail …

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Lim embraces his passion for volunteering

“Ever since I was really young, I was that kid that would talk about how much I wanted to help people,” said junior Hayoung Lim. “I would say [things] like, ‘when I get money, I’m going to give all of it to the homeless people.’ I’ve just always felt like …

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From sex and drugs to seeking change

Drugs, sex and rock n’ roll. This mantra of the ’60s served as an identity for a generation. As of late, this clichéd saying could be tossed in with almost any musical genre and be considered relevant. Country songs proclaim of binge drinking, pop glorifies one-night stands and hip hop …

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