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Why do tragedies happen?

Minnehaha’s sacred studies department explores why bad things happen Minnehaha Academy has had a hard three months. The disaster that occurred on August second has shaken our community and will affect the school for years to come. It is difficult to recover from something like this. For Christians, however, the …

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The process of rebuilding north campus

After months of sitting vacant, plans for demo and rebuilding are started In the month between the day of the explosion at the Upper School campus and the first day of school, an astonishing amount of work was done. Getting the Mendota Heights school up and running in four weeks …

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The Myanmar crisis

A small ethnic group of Muslims in Myanmar (a mostly Buddhist country), called Rohingya (population 1.2 million out of almost 53 million in Myanmar), are being persecuted by the Myanmar military, after a group of Rohingya attacked police posts and an army base in Myanmar on August 25, killing 12. …

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Writing the story of “US”

Student written fall play seeks to find meaning of “US” On November 9th, 10th and 11th, Minnehaha Academy Players will be performing a student-written play called “Us.” The play will take place at the Guthrie Theater’s Dowling Studio. Four writers were chosen to make the script, and there are in …

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How to talk about politics … and why

Extremes of apathy, partisan divide make having a political conversation a challenge But it’s worth doing if you know how to navigate through obstacles When most people talk about politics, they either only talk about it with their friends who agree with them or quickly get into arguments with friends …

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The First Noel

Christmas and its meanings Long ago, a baby was born who would change people’s hearts and lives so greatly that 2,000 years later, 30 percent of the world would still believe in him. The day of his birth is celebrated by millions of people every year and has been for …

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